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the trouble with

Once again i find myself in the position that I’m struggling to solidify my feelings on the sport of fitness …and bodybuilding as a whole.

First and foremost its important to understand that, for the most part , these guys ARE athletes in the truest sense of the word. The dedication and hard work that they put into their preparation for a show is second to none. Its a shame that the so called professional soccer players so lauded by the public don’t put the same amount of effort into their preparation, The issues arise  once the athlete gets to the show.

Its a shame that the federations that ‘promote’ these shows aren’t nearly as professional in their approach as the ‘amateur’ athletes. they allow practices that would never be accepted by any other ruling body.

In a sport, (yeah ill call it a sport for the sake of the hard working individuals that compete) where the winner is decided by the subjective views of a few individuals that ‘qualify’ to judge, transparency is a must.

As it is, each athlete is being let down by the desire for the federations to line their pockets, and in doing so are guilty of the open favoritism that is akin to corruption.  In no other sport would a referee be able to adjudicate in a fixture where they coached one of the teams, and yet this is common in shows in the UK.

In short the scene needs cleaning up, it needs honesty and openness and to start:

  • Never should a federation allow a relative of a promoter to compete judge or influence in their same show
  • Never should a trainer be allowed to judge a show where someone they train is taking part
  • Never should training partners or coaches be allowed to present prizes or go backstage unless all training partners are given the same privilege.

The thing is, all of this happens in bodybuilding every year. If you’re not going to be truly transparent then you are going to struggle with the public view of the ‘sport’.

Ultimately this is cheating, worse than doping, this is corruption, athletes pay the federations, the public pay to attend the shows, the federations in turn are duty bound to make sure the judges treat both athlete and public with enough respect to not openly favour athletes known to them trained by them or even, god forbid,  related to them.  If there is even the slightest possibility that a judge is not 100% impartial then they should recuse themselves.

Until this is the norm, the sport of bodybuilding and fitness will also struggle in the UK.

female muscle

Many times during my journeys through many gyms, i have heard female gym goers, and even instructors claim that they cannot/ will not / should not lift weights for fear of ‘looking like a man’ or getting ‘big’..

So lets debunk this mistaken belief once and for all.

No one gets big by accident

Want proof? next time you go to the gym look at all the (predominantly male) lifters in the weights area, dedicated to pushing as much weight as they can as often as they can… now how many are big ..really big…and these are guys, they have an abundance of the one hormone that you as a woman do not have and that is vital to build hard big muscle, testosterone.  If these guys can’t get accidentally big want chance do you have?


Ok so what is this testosterone.? it’s the beef builder, steroids, Prohormones are all designed to increase the body’s test levels and thus increase muscle, as a woman you don’t have anywhere near as much as the average guy and so, unless you artificially increase these levels, big slabs of muscle are hard for you to develop.


There is a saying that you have to eat big to be big and its true.  Body builders, male and female eat with one thing in mind, to gain muscle. you don’t, and you cannot get big on wishes alone.  God knows every guy in the gym today wishes you could. we are talking thousands of calories here not an extra topping on your bagel. You have to feed the machine in order to pack on serious muscle

Muscle is sexy


This :

skinny runner

is not sexy.  If however you want to look thin, skinny and have a saggy rear pointy elbows and bones showing through your skin, then by all means continue to spend hours on the cross trainer live for cardio only cardio so help me cardio.

This however:

sexy muscle

is sexy and is not acieved by avoidng the weight room.

Cardio v lifting

Now no one is suggesting that there is no place for cardio in the average girls fitness routine, though i suggest that HIT, crossfit, circuits etc is MUCH more beneficial than hours of cross trainer. But if you want to have that head turning figure, fit into that dress, knock them dead in that bikini on the beach this summer….lift. and lift weight, if you find yourself playing with the 2 lb dumbbells, you may as well go grocery shopping instead, no-one gets fit listing cans of beans.

You need to lift real weight proportionate to your fitness levels and increase your strength and thus your booty slowly.

Keeping to the same weight just means you are standing still, and we all know that progress is defined by direction not necessarily speed

But muscle makes me big

Not so, it will however make you firm it will make you look trim and having some muscle on your bones will mean you burn more fat standing still than you ever did. you wont have to squeeze into that dress and have those unsightly bumps, the dress will wrap itself around you and do your bidding.

One final thought

I’m a guy and as such spend a large proportion of my time looking at women, we all do, I’m not going to lie about it.  BUT I guarantee that the picture of the ideal body you that you have in your head is only achievable by a certain degree of resistance training.  More over, your guy, if he’s honest will agree. Give it a go, I double dare you, you may just surprise yourself.